Technology. Evolution. Sustainability. Health.

Technology.  Evolution.  Sustainability.  Health.

Lighting, like many of the most important things in our lives, has gone through and continues to evolve over time, driven by technology first and now pushed to help propel sustainability and our quality of life.  From incandescent to fluorescent, mercury vapor, high pressure sodium, metal halide, and pulse start metal halide, to LED (Light Emitting Diode), the need for more and better light continues to dominate the industry.

These improvements and enhancements in light sources and lighting fixtures, help improve our quality of life, impacting how we work, our general health, and even our personal well-being.  The “human-centric” nature of lighting is forcing an entirely new emphasis on product development, furthering, and expediting lighting’s evolution.

It is here on our blog page, that American Wholesale Lighting will bring the latest and greatest technologies to light.  The goal being to keep you, our clients, and others, informed of the latest and greatest lighting developments and how they can be tools to improve your company’s sustainability, reduce your carbon footprint, enhance your employee’s work atmosphere, and generally promote a healthier environment.