Diversity Statement

At American Wholesale Lighting, we believe it is imperative to remain unbiased, accepting and supportive of our suppliers, customers, employees and potential employees; and understand that diversity stretches beyond race and gender.  We welcome everyone, regardless of ethnicity, orientation, religious affiliation, generation, disability, personality type, life experiences, or thinking style.

A recent internal survey highlighted one specific repeated theme; our sincere love for our employees and how we treat them as a part of a family.

“It’s a very friendly environment. I think people employed here are overall very happy and are treated well and made to feel appreciated. We start to feel like an extended part of the family which makes you want to work hard to accomplish what is needed to help with the success of the business.”

Embracing diversity and creating a welcoming environment of inclusion not only creates a culture of belonging, but fosters new ideas, perspectives, and improves our business in more ways than we can count.