Sustainability & Energy Efficiency Statement

American Wholesale Lighting constantly aims to support sustainability and reduce the negative environmental impact of energy consumption through a number of internal and external efforts.As a supplier of energy efficient products, AWL fully understand the importance of sustainability, and have saved our clients over 400,000,000 kWh (and counting) through energy retrofitting and new construction lighting projects. We also offer an extensive recycling program to ensure our customers are compliant with local and national recycling laws.

Internal lighting efforts implemented in the AWL headquarters include the use of top of the line lighting controls, occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting sensors, wireless controls, and a centralized lighting control system. Window shades and multi-zone HVAC are used for efficient temperature control.

We follow recycling and composting guidelines. Reusable water bottles are supplied and filled using our Elkay water bottle filling station, and our kitchen is stocked with reusable coffee cups, kitchen supplies, and utensils to avoid unnecessary waste from disposable products.

Future plans include drought resistant landscaping, solar power integration, energy efficient window film installation, and the expansion our hybrid / flex-fuel vehicle fleet.