New Construction Lighting Services

AWL New Construction Division (NCD)

The American Wholesale Lighting team of salespeople, designers, project managers, and sourcing specialists work together with you to develop the best lighting solution to suit your needs. We approach each project from a 360 degree perspective to maximize the value for you, examining them from top to bottom, left to right, and looking for the products best fitting the application, requirements, goals, and budget.

Our Lighting Services

Lighting Design

In concert with the “Specifier Team” and your internal design/construction group, our design assistance from “concept to C.O.” works to ensure the lighting rendered meets or exceeds your expectations. We evaluate every product from every angle: performance, value, cost, installation, warranty and maintenance.

Budgeting and Value Engineering

From the outset, we review every product for competitiveness, and submit alternatives to the  specified products, if need be, to help stay within budget. Our extensive experience qualifies us to specify alternatives without sacrificing the design integrity.

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement

Our market tenure and manufacturer direct dealings allow us to provide any product needed to ensure your design integrity and budget is met. It also allows us to help design products not readily available but needed to meet your specific requirements. Working with proven entities, we can create and provide the best product for your application.

Project Management

At AWL, we assign a dedicated person to project manage every aspect of the project, including the products, site challenges, and field coordination. Our tracking sheet is a live document, sent out weekly to all parties, to ensure complete project awareness and transparency in order to prohibit product issues in advance (ETA, backorders).

What sets us apart from the rest?

  • We care. About you and your total satisfaction with the process, the products, the installation, and especially the final project results rendered.
  • We are a full service, professional lighting and lighting controls specialists group – NOT simply a distributor who can provide lighting and lighting controls.
  • We take a consultative approach, listening first, designing second, and discussing with you third, before providing a plan specific to your needs.
  • We can take a new or existing facility or area and design the space to better meet your lighting requirements and needs.
  • Our 35 year history and proven ability demonstrates our capacity and capability for handling large projects and rollouts.
  • We provide exceptionally competitive pricing by dealing directly with manufacturers.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions About Direct Procurement

Nothing, other than becoming more efficient and effective. Involving us early on streamlines and drives the process with all parties.

By doing takeoffs from the Schematic Dwg’s, Design Dwg’s and Construction Dwg’s, constantly reviewing against budget, and frequent lighting reviews, the process becomes “alive” rather than reactive when too late to change course. This, in turn, eliminates issues and potential change orders occurring as materials are already on site or on the way.

We help propel the process from all angles and our upfront assistance eliminates issues down the line. When allowed to work directly with the field, we can remove the chance of issues arising from shifting site situations and conditions.

Additionally, we remove layers of unnecessary markups which, in conjunction with leveraging our company wide purchasing power and working directly with manufacturers, enables us to give you the best prices possible initially.

Nothing different than conventionally handled. In fact, since we work directly with the manufacturer AND installer, we are often able to expedite a resolution faster than through the traditional methods.

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