Are you choosing the right LED lighting and controls for your Multi-family or Multi-tenant communities?

American Wholesale Lighting designs LED lighting upgrades needed to ensure an increase in safety, with lower maintenance and energy costs for your community.

When choosing LED lighting and controls for Multi-family or Multi-tenant communities, there are specific considerations and priorities to address. Critically important is providing proper lighting and light levels in walkways, stairwells, parking lots, and hallways, to improve and enhance resident and guest security and safety. Additionally, the change in population/residents of the property, the removal of maintenance costs, and the ability to affect energy savings to decrease the impact on our environment, just to name a few.

Outdated, traditional lighting is often dim, delivers low light levels, and renders a very poor quality of light. All are a by-product of aging fluorescent and/or HID lighting which is extremely costly run and maintain.

American Wholesale Lighting can provide an updated lighting design and product, for new construction, renovation, and retrofit projects, which address and resolve all these types of issues.

Some important questions to consider when choosing light for your community:

• Are you Spending too much for lighting maintenance?
• Is your property Compliant with energy mandates?
• Is the community lighting sufficient for resident and guest Security and Safety?
• Will sensors and lighting controls provide added Savings?

Our team of lighting experts will review with you the preferred options for your property and work with you to determine the most cost-effective package to improve the quality of lighting for your community.

Areas to consider are:

• Garage, parking lots, and walkways
• Hallways, corridors, and stairwells
• Fitness center, pool area, and recreation center

American Wholesale Lighting providing our clients with exceptional service and the latest lighting technology for over 35 years. We take pride in servicing multiple market segments regionally, nationally, and internationally and believe the customer deserves the best, and that is what we deliver.

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