Free Lighting Energy Audit

Our free comprehensive energy audit includes:

  • A complete lighting survey of your location
  • Estimated annual and monthly savings
  • Energy rebate and incentive information
  • Estimated project cost
  • ROI calculation
  • Scope of work summary
Find out how much money and energy you can save by requesting your free energy audit now!

    We're typically able to reduce lighting costs by 50-75%, resulting in thousands of dollars of savings!

    Outdated, inefficient lighting results in increased maintenance and electricity costs and a larger environmental impact. Areas without proper lighting not only look bad, but can contribute to lower productivity, decreased employee morale, and increased safety issues.

    We will send a lighting specialist to your location to examine your current lighting situation in order for us to determine the best money and energy saving solution for you and your budget.  The audit includes:

    • Fixture type, quantity, size, location and lighting type (task, ambient, accent, etc.)
    • Ballast and lamp quantity and type
    • Measured readings of light output (foot-candles and light color temperature)
    • Occupant information (current needs, complaints, etc.)
    • Hours of operation
    • Building information (ceiling height, type, dimensions, HVAC configuration, lighting controls, daylight availability)

    We provide a thorough analysis of your current lighting situation, including our proposed energy and cost saving solutions in comparisons to your current system, rebate and incentive information, estimated net project cost and ROI.