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Five common challenges you’ll face as a sales leader (and how to counteract them)

Original Source: The Business Journals 

A great sales leader can contribute greatly to the success of both their sales team and the company as a whole. However, being a sales leader isn’t an easy job. These leaders face several challenges, some of which are largely out of their control, while trying to land sales.

Fortunately, there are several ways to counteract these challenges and continue to drive growth. Below, the members of Business Journals Leadership Trust share five common obstacles sales leaders may experience and how to overcome them.

1. Keeping up with constantly evolving markets

You have to effectively modify a salesperson’s way of thinking and associated behaviors to succeed in a constantly-evolving sales environment and in new market channels. Discern each team member’s particular skill set and help them see how their talents can be updated, improved and applied to be more successful in both the current and future targeted industry landscapes. – Clayton GarrettAmerican Wholesale Lighting

2. Closing sales remotely

Working from home means selling and buying remotely. This creates uncertainty and uneasiness that can be hard to overcome, particularly when there is not a pre-existing relationship. Coaching and giving tools to teams that are used to face-to-face customer interactions is critical so they can transition to a different mode of interaction while not sacrificing their ability to convey critical information. – Patrick DohertyFlexential

3. Team burnout

I fear that my team will burn out from cold calls, email campaigns, demos, etc. It can get repetitive. Daily standup calls hold the team accountable and give us a reason to communicate what’s working and what’s not working. Don’t keep focusing only on what’s not working. Also, the occasional competition keeps the team on their feet. – Katie FulghumHomebase

4. Underperforming sales representatives

One common challenge that every sales leader eventually faces is underperforming sales reps. Work with the rep through open-ended questions that will allow them to self-evaluate and determine their willingness to improve. Then from there, you can determine what coaching is needed and what actions need to be taken to build a development plan that achieves both individual and company success. – Brad ClothierDelta Dental of Arizona

5. Managing the budget

Budget is the top variable affecting almost every deal. The way you work around that obstacle is through empathy. Salespeople should be empowered to offer price and delivery flexibility to help close deals. Conforming to customers’ requirements may “hurt” you in the short term, but helping people in need is the surest way to build long-term loyalty and client value. – Jim FairweatherCygilant