Open business sign

Open for Business

The savory experience of working with a company that provides what customers need or want, whether it’s soup to nuts or à la carte

For example, ever dine at a fine restaurant that lets you order a little of this and a little of that-smaller portions of a variety of delectable food, instead of one big entrée and an inflexible menu? I have, and just thinking about the experience at XYZ restaurant makes my mouth water and brings a smile to my face.

Their service was extraordinary.  When I asked, I received.  I never heard: “We can’t do that” or “it’s not our policy.” If I wanted two ravioli instead of a plateful, that’s what I got. Sound too good to be true? Perhaps. But it’s a common-sense approach to business – provide what the customer wants and needs.

Yet, how many businesses are really open for business? How many sincerely practice the superior customer service they boast about? How many businesses do whatever it takes to reframe problems into opportunities for the customer?  This white-glove treatment is the ingredient that will set any company apart from its competition.

Have It Your Way

At American Wholesale Lighting, experience has taught us that it pays to make it effortless for our customers to do business with us, which means offering a variety of services from our menu and serving them any way our customers want. For example, no matter how diverse or precise your lighting requirements, American Wholesale Lighting can handle them-from a retrofit to a full-scale installation. In this complex industry, we’ve made ordering from our menu easy for the customer.

There’s More Than One Right Answer

A company is truly open for business when its staff is united, passionate, and committed to looking for more than one right answer.  At American Wholesale Lighting everyone brings their perspective and creativity to the table.  Our enthusiastic team stands ready to serve you, even under the most challenging conditions, time constraints, or limited resources. 

When we couple our passion for lighting with our expertise, we open doors and create opprotunities for your lighting to perform as it was intended, without hassles, complications, or waste.

American Wholesale Lighting has been in the lighting business for more than 30 years, and we are indeed open for business.  We believe no one in the industry can dish up a better experience for the customer than we can.  Just check out “AWL’s Menu” and see for yourself.  When you work with American Wholesale Lighting, you’ll wear a smile on your face and you’ll feel the way you do after you’ve enjoyed a wonderful meal-thoroughly  satisfied and wanting to come back.     Bon appétit!