Are Your Residents Getting the Lighting They Need?


American Wholesale Lighting can help you give your residents the lighting they need.

One consideration is the aging eye, when choosing lighting you need to consider the changing lifestyle needs of the elderly. It is especially important to provide strong illumination in stairwells and hallways to prevent falls. Many assisted living and nursing home facilities have dim, constant light levels and poor light spectra, often caused by general use of fluorescent lighting. This can cause disruption of the body’s circadian rhythms, which can potentially lead to negative health effects.

Research shows architectural designs should consider adding as much natural light as possible. When using natural light is not an option, we can assist you with fixture choices that emit an array of blue light LEDS that can mimic natural light.

Other equally important considerations when choosing light for an adult community.

  • AWL understands the bureau of residential facilities and the state health department drive the lighting requirements for your facility.
  • Health benefits of installing the correct lighting (ex. circadian rhythms).
  • Adequate lighting can help seniors maintain balance and stability.
  • Research has proven that the right lighting can improve mood, concentration, and improve overall productivity.

Our team will review with you the preferred lighting options for your facility and help you determine the most cost-effective package to improve the quality of lighting for your staff and residents.

We also offer an array of UV lighting that has been proven to kill bacteria on surfaces, disinfect the air when used in air handlers, and personalized disinfection units. What better way to build your residents trust and confidence than letting them know you have installed the latest groundbreaking disinfection and sterilization technology available in your locations for their safety and that of your employees.

American Wholesale Lighting has been providing our clients with exceptional service and the latest lighting technology for over 35 years. We take pride in servicing multiple market segments regionally, nationally, and internationally and believe the customer deserves the best, and that is what we deliver.

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