AWL No Longer A Well Kept Secret!

American Wholesale Lighting (AWL) has grown over the last 35+ years to become the single, most powerful resource equipped to meet clients multiple and changing needs!

With our emphasis on the tenets of superior service, exceptional value, and business integrity, we have evolved to become a premier service solutions provider. Working closely with clients on a regional, national, and worldwide platform, has driven us to refine our practices to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of clients, across many market channels and verticals.

We take pride in our exceptional ability to service our clients with a complete palette of services for National Accounts, C&I New Construction, and Turnkey Retrofitting including:

• Lighting design
• Plan takeoffs
• Budgeting: SD’s to DD’s to CD’s
• Value Engineering
• Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
• Programmed Maintenance
• And more

At American Wholesale Lighting, we believe the customer deserves the best, so the best is what we deliver, time and time again.

What Differentiates Us from the Rest

• AWL focuses on lighting/lighting controls company only.

• Consultative practices.

• Lighting design: Concept to C.O.

• 100% vertically integrated.

• Proven national capacity and capability.

• Exceptionally Competitive.

• Consultative practices.

• Process Ownership: Not just a vendor.

• Dedicated project management.

• Online process tracking and reporting.

• Financing available.

• NET ZERO proposals and LaaS.

At AWL, everyone brings their perspective and creativity to the table. Our talented, experienced, and enthusiastic team stands ready to assist you, even under the most challenging conditions, time constraints, or limited resources. When we couple our passion for lighting with our expertise, we open doors and create opportunities for you and your lighting to perform as it was intended, without hassles, complications, or waste.

Frequently Asked Questions in Working with AWL

What changes in the overall process? Nothing other than the process becomes more efficient and effective. Involving us early on streamlines and drives the process with AWL collaborating with all parties. By doing takeoffs from the SD’s, DD’s, and CD’s, reviewing against budgets, and frequent lighting reviews, the process becomes “alive” rather than reactive and too late to change course. This eliminates issues and potential change orders occurring as materials on site or on the way.

Why is this better than the traditional purchasing cycle? We help propel the process from all angles. Our upfront assistance eliminates issues down the line. And when working directly with the field, we remove the chance of issues arising from constantly shifting site situations and conditions. We leverage our companywide purchasing power and manufacturing relationships to give you the best prices possible.

Who purchases the material? We negotiate directly with you, and you designate who buys the material. But the closer you are to the purchase, the more you save.

What about product warranty?
Nothing different than conventionally handled. In fact, AWL works directly with the mfg. and installer, so we are often able to expedite a resolution faster than through the traditional methods.

For more information, please contact us at

Technology. Evolution. Sustainability. Health.

Technology.  Evolution.  Sustainability.  Health.

Lighting, like many of the most important things in our lives, has gone through and continues to evolve over time, driven by technology first and now pushed to help propel sustainability and our quality of life.  From incandescent to fluorescent, mercury vapor, high pressure sodium, metal halide, and pulse start metal halide, to LED (Light Emitting Diode), the need for more and better light continues to dominate the industry.

These improvements and enhancements in light sources and lighting fixtures, help improve our quality of life, impacting how we work, our general health, and even our personal well-being.  The “human-centric” nature of lighting is forcing an entirely new emphasis on product development, furthering, and expediting lighting’s evolution.

It is here on our blog page, that American Wholesale Lighting will bring the latest and greatest technologies to light.  The goal being to keep you, our clients, and others, informed of the latest and greatest lighting developments and how they can be tools to improve your company’s sustainability, reduce your carbon footprint, enhance your employee’s work atmosphere, and generally promote a healthier environment.