Are Your Residents Getting the Lighting They Need?


American Wholesale Lighting can help you give your residents the lighting they need.

One consideration is the aging eye, when choosing lighting you need to consider the changing lifestyle needs of the elderly. It is especially important to provide strong illumination in stairwells and hallways to prevent falls. Many assisted living and nursing home facilities have dim, constant light levels and poor light spectra, often caused by general use of fluorescent lighting. This can cause disruption of the body’s circadian rhythms, which can potentially lead to negative health effects.

Research shows architectural designs should consider adding as much natural light as possible. When using natural light is not an option, we can assist you with fixture choices that emit an array of blue light LEDS that can mimic natural light.

Other equally important considerations when choosing light for an adult community.

  • AWL understands the bureau of residential facilities and the state health department drive the lighting requirements for your facility.
  • Health benefits of installing the correct lighting (ex. circadian rhythms).
  • Adequate lighting can help seniors maintain balance and stability.
  • Research has proven that the right lighting can improve mood, concentration, and improve overall productivity.

Our team will review with you the preferred lighting options for your facility and help you determine the most cost-effective package to improve the quality of lighting for your staff and residents.

We also offer an array of UV lighting that has been proven to kill bacteria on surfaces, disinfect the air when used in air handlers, and personalized disinfection units. What better way to build your residents trust and confidence than letting them know you have installed the latest groundbreaking disinfection and sterilization technology available in your locations for their safety and that of your employees.

American Wholesale Lighting has been providing our clients with exceptional service and the latest lighting technology for over 35 years. We take pride in servicing multiple market segments regionally, nationally, and internationally and believe the customer deserves the best, and that is what we deliver.

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BRIGHT VS BRIGHT – A Common Misconception in the Lighting Industry

When someone says those lights are bright, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  Most people associate the word “bright” with the color temperature of the light or CCT.  Color temperature is measured in Kelvin, and ranges from about 1800K-6500K.  When related to the color spectrum 1800K at the lower end would be very orangish (warmer), working through the white colors in the middle range (4000-5000K), to the higher range (6500K) which would appear blueish in color (cooler).

These different color temperatures not only look different visually, but there should be careful consideration into which color is chosen depending upon the environment and type of business they are installed in. Depending upon which color temperature you choose it will change the look of the objects and surfaces that are being illuminated. For example, red meats in a grocery store should be illuminated by a warmer color temperature light to bring out the colors and make them look fresh. Conversely, if you were to use a cooler color temperature like a 5000k lamp it would make the meats appear with a brownish color, making the meats appear old and unappealing to the customer.

A common market that people seem to struggle with a misconception between the proper color temperatures and light output are hotels. The goal of lighting in a hotel is to make the guest feel welcome and comfortable and that they are in a “homey” environment which most often means a warmer color temperature, like the look of the original incandescent lighting. Often in hotel rooms and hotel hallways, hotel owners want to make sure that they are “bright” enough for their guests. Too often, they equate that to choosing the wrong color temperature. They choose a higher color temperature with not enough light output to achieve the proper brightness which ends up washing out the walls and creating a sterile look to the environment. This is where there is value to reaching out to a lighting professional to make sure you have the right color temperature and adequate amount of light for your space.  Often a hotelier will want to get the least expensive option but also get the value of the best bang for your buck.  They choose a lower wattage which does not offer enough light output with a harsher higher color temperature like a 5000K because they want the brightest, they can get out of a lower wattage, less expensive wattage.  The proper way to light the space here is to choose a warmer lower color temperature (2700K or 3000K) at a higher light output.  This way it maintains the ambiance, and has a much more comfortable feel to the space but still provides adequate lighting.

Having a 5000K lamp in the bedside lamps in a hotel room could also throw off someone’s circadian rhythm and prevent a guest from sleeping as well.  It is very interesting how there are scientific implications to lighting as well, but more on that in the next post.

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Retrofit vs Refit

Struggling to decide whether to RETROFIT your facility/s? 

Budget challenges?  Timing issues? 

Maybe, a REFIT is a better idea! 

Wait, what’s a REFIT?

 To help you decide which way to go…

A lighting RETROFIT uses external labor to add or substitute new parts or components to a lighting fixture, to modernize and make sustainable and energy efficient.  American Wholesale Lighting provides site audits, utility rebate administration, product procurement, installation, and existing product disposal/recycling.  We do it all! 

A lighting REFIT is a DIY project, whereby you self-perform (use internal company labor) the re-lamping of a lighting fixture/s to modernize and make sustainable and energy efficient.  American Wholesale Lighting provides product procurement and utility rebate administration.  We assist wherever needed! 

American Wholesale Lighting is here to assist whichever way you choose.  With over 350,000,000 sq. ft. spanning 12,000+ facilities and 35 years of lighting experience, we are your best choice to get the job done. 

Shared Energy Savings

American Wholesale Lighting offers a shared energy savings program! 

Energy Efficiency is one of the best investments a company can make because a one-time transaction initiates a NET savings income generating asset for your business for years to come.

Our Shared Savings program offers significant returns for your business by lowering utility bills and reducing your carbon footprint. We will audit, design, install, provide the financing, and maintain the equipment for the duration of the term.

To qualify, you need one (1) location or an aggregate of multiple sites, totaling $50K project size; material and labor.  The project undergoes underwriting approval with public companies evaluated through public record and private companies a review of 3 years of P+L.  Only Energy Star / DLC products are used.

Benefits of Shared Savings

  • No upfront capital expenses
  • Full turnkey project solution
  • Day one savings
  • Risk free financing
  • Frees up capital
  • We do the work for you                            

Example of How it Works

  • Current monthly bill before upgrade - $2000.00*
  • Monthly bill after upgrade -$1000.00 (50% reduction)*
  • Portion of energy savings pays monthly cost (ex. 80/20)Pay $800.00 / keep $200.00
  • ALWAYS cash flow positive!          

* Lighting contribution only.

Contact AWL today and talk to one of our specialists to learn more about the Shared Savings program.  They will guide you through the process, identify eligible projects, and work with you through the application submission.

American Wholesale Lighting has been providing our clients with exceptional service and the latest lighting technology and solutions for over 35 years. We take pride in servicing multiple market segments regionally, nationally, and internationally and believe the customer deserves the best, and that is what we deliver.

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AWL No Longer A Well Kept Secret!

American Wholesale Lighting (AWL) has grown over the last 35+ years to become the single, most powerful resource equipped to meet clients multiple and changing needs!

With our emphasis on the tenets of superior service, exceptional value, and business integrity, we have evolved to become a premier service solutions provider. Working closely with clients on a regional, national, and worldwide platform, has driven us to refine our practices to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of clients, across many market channels and verticals.

We take pride in our exceptional ability to service our clients with a complete palette of services for National Accounts, C&I New Construction, and Turnkey Retrofitting including:

• Lighting design
• Plan takeoffs
• Budgeting: SD’s to DD’s to CD’s
• Value Engineering
• Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
• Programmed Maintenance
• And more

At American Wholesale Lighting, we believe the customer deserves the best, so the best is what we deliver, time and time again.

What Differentiates Us from the Rest

• AWL focuses on lighting/lighting controls company only.

• Consultative practices.

• Lighting design: Concept to C.O.

• 100% vertically integrated.

• Proven national capacity and capability.

• Exceptionally Competitive.

• Consultative practices.

• Process Ownership: Not just a vendor.

• Dedicated project management.

• Online process tracking and reporting.

• Financing available.

• NET ZERO proposals and LaaS.

At AWL, everyone brings their perspective and creativity to the table. Our talented, experienced, and enthusiastic team stands ready to assist you, even under the most challenging conditions, time constraints, or limited resources. When we couple our passion for lighting with our expertise, we open doors and create opportunities for you and your lighting to perform as it was intended, without hassles, complications, or waste.

Frequently Asked Questions in Working with AWL

What changes in the overall process? Nothing other than the process becomes more efficient and effective. Involving us early on streamlines and drives the process with AWL collaborating with all parties. By doing takeoffs from the SD’s, DD’s, and CD’s, reviewing against budgets, and frequent lighting reviews, the process becomes “alive” rather than reactive and too late to change course. This eliminates issues and potential change orders occurring as materials on site or on the way.

Why is this better than the traditional purchasing cycle? We help propel the process from all angles. Our upfront assistance eliminates issues down the line. And when working directly with the field, we remove the chance of issues arising from constantly shifting site situations and conditions. We leverage our companywide purchasing power and manufacturing relationships to give you the best prices possible.

Who purchases the material? We negotiate directly with you, and you designate who buys the material. But the closer you are to the purchase, the more you save.

What about product warranty?
Nothing different than conventionally handled. In fact, AWL works directly with the mfg. and installer, so we are often able to expedite a resolution faster than through the traditional methods.

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Technology. Evolution. Sustainability. Health.

Technology.  Evolution.  Sustainability.  Health.

Lighting, like many of the most important things in our lives, has gone through and continues to evolve over time, driven by technology first and now pushed to help propel sustainability and our quality of life.  From incandescent to fluorescent, mercury vapor, high pressure sodium, metal halide, and pulse start metal halide, to LED (Light Emitting Diode), the need for more and better light continues to dominate the industry.

These improvements and enhancements in light sources and lighting fixtures, help improve our quality of life, impacting how we work, our general health, and even our personal well-being.  The “human-centric” nature of lighting is forcing an entirely new emphasis on product development, furthering, and expediting lighting’s evolution.

It is here on our blog page, that American Wholesale Lighting will bring the latest and greatest technologies to light.  The goal being to keep you, our clients, and others, informed of the latest and greatest lighting developments and how they can be tools to improve your company’s sustainability, reduce your carbon footprint, enhance your employee’s work atmosphere, and generally promote a healthier environment.

American Wholesale Lighting (AWL): The NEXT Generation of Solution Provider!


New Construction, Turnkey Retrofit, Programmed Maintenance

At AWL, we truly understand the myriad of change and evolution LED products are undergoing in the lighting and lighting control industry. And we see how this can be overwhelming, confusing, and time-consuming. AWL takes pride in handling this for you…because that's our job and we take it seriously.

We also know there are too many companies out there who are just talk. They say whatever is necessary to get your business, and then, more often than not, when all is said and done, you are left in a worse position than before.

At American Wholesale Lighting, we let our actions speak for us. From concept to CO, our 35-year history of successful lighting and lighting controls sales and service in new construction, turnkey retrofitting, and programmed maintenance, is our commitment to you. Our pledge of providing you and your company with the best possible solution, at the best price, and with the best results rendered.

American Wholesale Lighting - 35 years of doing it right

EP Challenge Hero Image

Five common challenges you’ll face as a sales leader (and how to counteract them)

Original Source: The Business Journals 

A great sales leader can contribute greatly to the success of both their sales team and the company as a whole. However, being a sales leader isn’t an easy job. These leaders face several challenges, some of which are largely out of their control, while trying to land sales.

Fortunately, there are several ways to counteract these challenges and continue to drive growth. Below, the members of Business Journals Leadership Trust share five common obstacles sales leaders may experience and how to overcome them.

1. Keeping up with constantly evolving markets

You have to effectively modify a salesperson’s way of thinking and associated behaviors to succeed in a constantly-evolving sales environment and in new market channels. Discern each team member’s particular skill set and help them see how their talents can be updated, improved and applied to be more successful in both the current and future targeted industry landscapes. – Clayton GarrettAmerican Wholesale Lighting

2. Closing sales remotely

Working from home means selling and buying remotely. This creates uncertainty and uneasiness that can be hard to overcome, particularly when there is not a pre-existing relationship. Coaching and giving tools to teams that are used to face-to-face customer interactions is critical so they can transition to a different mode of interaction while not sacrificing their ability to convey critical information. – Patrick DohertyFlexential

3. Team burnout

I fear that my team will burn out from cold calls, email campaigns, demos, etc. It can get repetitive. Daily standup calls hold the team accountable and give us a reason to communicate what’s working and what’s not working. Don’t keep focusing only on what’s not working. Also, the occasional competition keeps the team on their feet. – Katie FulghumHomebase

4. Underperforming sales representatives

One common challenge that every sales leader eventually faces is underperforming sales reps. Work with the rep through open-ended questions that will allow them to self-evaluate and determine their willingness to improve. Then from there, you can determine what coaching is needed and what actions need to be taken to build a development plan that achieves both individual and company success. – Brad ClothierDelta Dental of Arizona

5. Managing the budget

Budget is the top variable affecting almost every deal. The way you work around that obstacle is through empathy. Salespeople should be empowered to offer price and delivery flexibility to help close deals. Conforming to customers’ requirements may “hurt” you in the short term, but helping people in need is the surest way to build long-term loyalty and client value. – Jim FairweatherCygilant

Open business sign

Open for Business

The savory experience of working with a company that provides what customers need or want, whether it’s soup to nuts or à la carte

For example, ever dine at a fine restaurant that lets you order a little of this and a little of that-smaller portions of a variety of delectable food, instead of one big entrée and an inflexible menu? I have, and just thinking about the experience at XYZ restaurant makes my mouth water and brings a smile to my face.

Their service was extraordinary.  When I asked, I received.  I never heard: “We can’t do that” or “it’s not our policy.” If I wanted two ravioli instead of a plateful, that’s what I got. Sound too good to be true? Perhaps. But it’s a common-sense approach to business – provide what the customer wants and needs.

Yet, how many businesses are really open for business? How many sincerely practice the superior customer service they boast about? How many businesses do whatever it takes to reframe problems into opportunities for the customer?  This white-glove treatment is the ingredient that will set any company apart from its competition.

Have It Your Way

At American Wholesale Lighting, experience has taught us that it pays to make it effortless for our customers to do business with us, which means offering a variety of services from our menu and serving them any way our customers want. For example, no matter how diverse or precise your lighting requirements, American Wholesale Lighting can handle them-from a retrofit to a full-scale installation. In this complex industry, we’ve made ordering from our menu easy for the customer.

There’s More Than One Right Answer

A company is truly open for business when its staff is united, passionate, and committed to looking for more than one right answer.  At American Wholesale Lighting everyone brings their perspective and creativity to the table.  Our enthusiastic team stands ready to serve you, even under the most challenging conditions, time constraints, or limited resources. 

When we couple our passion for lighting with our expertise, we open doors and create opprotunities for your lighting to perform as it was intended, without hassles, complications, or waste.

American Wholesale Lighting has been in the lighting business for more than 30 years, and we are indeed open for business.  We believe no one in the industry can dish up a better experience for the customer than we can.  Just check out “AWL’s Menu” and see for yourself.  When you work with American Wholesale Lighting, you’ll wear a smile on your face and you’ll feel the way you do after you’ve enjoyed a wonderful meal-thoroughly  satisfied and wanting to come back.     Bon appétit!